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{write}#FFFFFF||My name is Michael|I Love Photography|The power is the print!{/write}


I love photography. I love people in photography, capturing a special moment in time forever.

Printing your photography is important!

Photography lasts.  Specifically, Photographic PRINTS last.

I have a picture of my father when he was a teenager, some 80 years ago.  Prints will outlast your phone memory, your flash drives and hard drives.  That is why I want to develop as a print artist and photographer.  I want to provide that lasting memory for families to cherish and pass down through generations.

Remember that shoebox of prints you found at grandmas? Didn’t you sit down and go through each one?  You laughed, you wondered who that was with mom.  You cried, remembering a relative that is no longer with you.

The power is the print!

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